Sunday, June 20, 2010


huhu.. tadi mse nguh tggu umie ( my mom ) habis belek2 r channel mne thu ade cte best kew.. suddenly, huh! obsessed! aq pon trus senyap kat kerusi malas aq tuh.. and tgk cte tue sorunk2 dgn sgt concentrate.. mase nguh tgk movie nie.. aq cm rse aq kat dlm cerita tue pulak.. huh.. it was about ade pompuan psycho nie gle dekat laki si beyonce tuh.. huh.. sampai beyonce nyer marriage hampir retak..tapi nseb bek everything was going into place slowly..huhu.. time plg best... mase gurl's fight between beyonce with that b****.. time tuh aq nguh rilek2 baring trus bgun and kembali ker position duduk.. huhu.. aq rse mcm nk bergaduh jgk jew.. huhuhu.. nseb bek movie jew.. huhu.. eventhough cter lame.. tapi this was my first time watched this movie.. best2!!.. =D