Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Something about you is so addictive.

my dinner tonite is simple but still i feel i'd received lots of love from him..
its just an ordinary day with you like as usual.. but you always make the day different and special..
eventhough you are so far from me, i can feel you are trying so hard to be near by me always.. :)
huhu thanks sayang for making these comel2 keychain.. actually i really wanted to have one of these someday.. nk gntung2 kat enpon.. but its too expensive.. slalu tgk bnd2 nie dgn my gurlpren laila safwan.. but kitorg pon ragu2 je nk beli.... laila suka bentuk taik.. taik tue comel gila.. ade mcm2 kaler.. hikhik whatever it is.. i loved it.. and it's so meant to me..  :)
p/s : my heart is blooming like flowers dekat taman2 kat korea.. hikhikhik ;P