Thursday, June 24, 2010

for you or you or you??

lately, i'm struggling for a perfect scene,
   so, i can get through dis life with so clear and clean,
i should care what people cared..
   but are those people cared about what i cared...??
i ask myself if is it right to pretend dat i was like others..?
   so then i answered by myself, i have too! for not making me feel more worst..
i never want to make dis shit!
  but becoz of you, i have too, otherwise you'll pissed..
i'm not like others..
  so pleased dont think u know me like you are my brother..
i'm begging for some sympathy,
   but you only give me some of your lies..
i never had a perfect life scene like yours babe..
  but i know u  pretend dat everything is easy and you are so late...