Thursday, May 12, 2011

show some emotions like an emoticon

i don't know lately..yeahh i can see that people nowadays is having so much stresses..some of them.. screaming.. crying.. throwing things.. and other stuff too..hmm expressing their emotions in their own way.. and what is more in the trend right now.. is expressing it with facebook.. twitter.. and other social net working... yeahh i can see that.. it could reduce a bit of your stresses with sharing your emotions to the public.. i'm also have done like that before.. and i know.. i will do it again.. haha..well.. its good feeling to have people around you that LIKE-ing your status.. replying comment at your status ... and you will feel that you've been concerned by people.. moreover, u also will feel much better than before right..? hehe and actually,that's one of how to reduce your stresses.. by sharing with others.. :)  (I've learnerd in human resource).. but what is keep annoying me is.. the one who is expressing emotions, that are involving with judging people around.. fight back to back from their own status.. and bak kata orang.. sound depan2 r.. haha.. tapi dlm status fb je pon..huhu.. yelahh.. we as a social networking user also tertnye2, walaupon kita tdk terlibat.. ''dgn siapa minah nie bising2.?''or ''apehal doee status mamat nie nk mengamuk je hari2?'' hmm and u can see more other types of manner.. even we are not involve in those scary status.. but you also one of the reader will feel like stress out kan..huhu.. kita join social net working nie.. untuk hilangkan borink.. untuk.. berSoSiAl..but.. reading those status yg serabut2 nk marah hari2..and jatuh2 kan org je.. xbest sungguh..  huhu..bersosial.. so having party lah babe.. chilling is more the best way to do..huhu have fun.. ceria2 kan profile anda.. tulis bnd2 yg berfaedah.. if you guys nk bg org2 tue terasa.. ade cara laen.. u  dont want people to see you acting like some kind of a weird grumpy dumba** kan.. huhu.. your stress making me stress either.. so pleased.. be nice.. cooperate with each other with lots of laughter and happy thoughts. dont ruined friendship.. (i always used this for motivate myself too).. huhu what to do.. we are human.. :)