Tuesday, June 29, 2010

rescue me..

i always adored a person like you..
i never meant to melt to all your sweet talk..
but i guess, it is the best drug for me..
i cant live without it..
when it comes of it..
i was so alive..i never told you how was i feel..
but i know.. i will show it when i was so happy being with you..
i never meant to have dis feeling.. so plz.. i really want somebody to rescue me from being in dis feeling anymore..
i dont know how to lay back a little.. i just cant stop..
when i was not myself..and you not feel good. i will think everything damn ways to make them work for you..when it works.. it was magic.. :)

i'm proud of you

One day I plan to be a family man happily married I wanna grow to be so old that I have to be carried till I'm glad to be buried and leave this crazy world
and have at least a half a million for my baby girl it may be early to be planning this stuff cause I'm still struggling hard to be the man, and it's tough cause man it's been rough, but still I manage enough I've been taken advantage of, damaged and scuffed my hands have been cuffed but I don't panic and huff, frantic and puff or plan to give up, the minute shit hits the fan it erupts I'm anteing up double or nothing, I've been trouble enough and I'm sick of struggling and suffering.... :(

this is what he wrotes.. hurmm.. good for you..
i'm so touched about what you felt..
and i'm glad.. actually you have some peace in your heart..
all this while.. i believe that, it must be  deep inside your heart.. 
a piece of love and very matured scene could suddenly appeared..
we never know when.. i also never know when..
hmm but still i believe.. 
and now.. u have prove that you are awesome anyway..

for you to see