Wednesday, May 4, 2011


since today is Wednesday.. so we have decided to watch movie together.. what movie? nie haa..

a romantic movie.. hehe.. its about a guy.. yg very hardworking on his own business that selling Viagra.. and success.. he has very seductive life.. laid in the bed with any girl he want..but suddenly.. a gurl appeared and change his life.. but unfortunately..  this gurl is suffering from a disease Parkinson on stage 1.. and the best part is.. the guy at last knows that no matter what this gurl is sick in to.. she is the one that he really wants to be with.. and that is really sweet.. hehe thanks sayang.. sebab spend time ngun saya arini.. i have so much fun with you today.. p/s muustard.. hehe 

tgk tue muka dye.. hehe.. love you

hmm ptg tue pulak..awak sye sorg lg nie.. ajak pegi makan pulak.. huhu thanks awak.. sebab blanja sye makan tadi.. hehe.. and i'm really happy for you.. seeing you happy with the Mr. Specky.. is show me the worth for starting a new life.. and forget all the past.. right awak? hehe

grateful to having you awak..