Friday, July 15, 2011

the things that reminds me of you :)

although u never forget to text me or call me to wake me up in the morning.. i always get the clock that you bought it for me alarmed.. well it makes me reminds me of you.. <3
this current, every time i'm done with my homework.. or my chores.. i will be reading your letters over and over again because this make me reminds me of you <3

well.. when i'm getting a little bored.. and get some ideas of doing some little piece of childish art.. i will put whatever little piece of you in it.. it is because it makes me reminds me of you <3
so.. i think, on this situation...i was missing you a lot... <3 i guess whatever i do these days.. its more in reminds me of you. <3

p/s sorry lah jiwang sikit.. alaa skali skala.. :p