Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Entrpreneurship day 2012..

dh lama xupdate nie... hewhew... hello... thank u if anybody of you willing to stop by.. hurm.. okayy.. i just wanna update my latest activity on previous week.. huhu.. it is my Entrepreneurship Day..! hehe.. it was held in KPTM bangi.. therefore its my colleged.. so.. what i am doing there is.. actually, it is a part of my assestment that its obviously wajib for every batch of mine to do this thing.. what are we actually do in that day is.. being an entrepreneur for sure.. eceh!.. hehe hurm yeahh its all about jual2.. and beli2 and promote your goods that you are selling.. 

ok.. my teams consist of 6 members.. therefore, including me for sure.. and another 5 person is jue,emyhasbi,adi,jepi and akim..so, my group has chosen to sell spaghetti meatball!!! how was that?? huhu for me, its a good idea.. because, from previous entrepreneurship day that i've seen.. i think there is no one has been selling the spaghetti meatball for the main of their product.. so, i think, we are giving the good dish with the good and very affordable price for the consumer.. especially, our main consumer is the students.. i know they will interested to try our meal.. hehe.. confident btol..

so.. the day was starting so well.. because, i get to our place quite early, and have a good feeling on that day.. but then, a problem has occured.. guess what?? plug kitorg rosak!!! electricity overflow lah apelah.. i was so dissapointed, and a bit pissed off.. yelahh.. dlm pukol 10:00 baru kitorg boleh masak..! hurmm tapi naseb bek membe2 yg lain tolong kitorg jgk.. so..
Alhamdulillah.. even at first was a bit disappointing.. but in the middle situation.. we made it to get through all the obstacles together... k lah xnk cita pnjng.. sebab malas nk taip.. hehe.. so lets just go through a few pictures on that day! i have a blast!! :)

and you know what...???? after all the obstacles we've been through... Alhamdulillah.. our dish obviously LAKU! huhu.. klw kira2 balik profit yg kitorg dapat untuk satu hari nie.. huhu sgt xmengecewakan.. it was epic and very hectic day for us.. xmenang tangan.. well.. that's a good experienced for us though.. huhu.. never forget all the memories that have been created :)