Friday, April 29, 2011

bila kita je tahu perkara orang laen xthu..

ok... mggu depan aq dah start study week...huhu.. seminggu je.. lpas tue final exam akan muncul selepas susulan drpd study week tue.. pagi tadi.. aq paling last kluar drpd bilik 456. hurm.. trying to figure it out what is waiting for me today.. hurm.. tapi of course lah... today. lucky me.. i have date! heheh.. hurm yeahh.. dia lah yg tggu aq harini.. but unfortunately..i wasnt there exactly.. yup, i dont know how much he really whats me there.. pity him.. and what's wrong with me?? durhh.. tolong wake up eyda... he's nice guy.. jgn maen gila...but what can i do.. there's a lot of liars and lies other than truth out there.. i'm afraid.. i was so being protected towards my self.. alaa... why dont you just believe him eyda..?? i'm believing but anything could happen.. anything. -_-''
no body knows how far we in knowing each other now.. no body knows.. how deep and strong our love now.. but yeahh.. its suffering to keep it yourself in and handle it by your own.. but i know.. you are the best sayang.. <3 hurm.. i know.. how hurt are you for seeing those picture.. and i know now.. how much do you love me for sure.. there is no body else other than you sayang.. please stop make your eyes full in tears eventhough it doesnt fall though.. i always be here for you.. Right Here! okay sayang.. :') A.R i will put our relationship right on top okay.. and keep praying.. emm.. bila kita tahu perkara yg org laen xthu.. mmg susah nk just keep in yourself.. showing your emosions is the precious thing that i can believe in.. and that's shows you are being yourself.. :')