Saturday, April 2, 2011


harini.. bosan sgt... xthu nk buat ape.. and ade lah mase yg terlebih2 sikit.. sambil2 rehat nie.. boleh la nk wat ape2 kan.. ? huhu hurm so, i decided to start my blog again.. but for this one.. i will be more serious about it.. maybe.. sebab xde masa sgt2.. busy dgn isu semasa yg xdapat dibendung. (being a student and a daughter) lpas tue dgn internet problem.. semua kelakuan yg berkaitan dgn internet xdapat diteruskan.. huhu.. hari nie.. cuti hari minggu.. and dh bnyak mggu dah berlalu.. 2011 also have arrived fortunately.. with so much blessing from Him.. Alhamdulillah.. well... it was great.. dis year i was starting my new year in part 3 taking as a diploma student.. haiyakk.. lama lg nk grad doe.. xpe2.. the time will come.. no need to rushed.. the time will wait if we used it right.. huhu.. well.. i have so much gratitude for this year... hurm yeahh.. i finally put on Hijab for real.. :)                   
 since last year masa bulan ramadan aq dh mmg teringin je nk start hijabing nie.. huhu lama2.. bila nk kluar je.. aq pkai.. klw xpkai.. rasa gak lah tak slesa.. hurmm xthu nk ckp ape lah.. huhu.. now this is me..
simple as that.. i don't really do the tudung lilit3 thing.. but i still try my best to put them right on top of my head actually.. well.. it is not so bad... i feel amazing.. i feel like i'm getting through another part of life.. as a muslim changing into a better person is a good feeling.. mula2.. rasa segan jgk.. yelahh.. everybody is wondering.. "weyh dye dh pkai tudung?" , " bila dye pkai?", or maybe "wahh dh insaf lah dye..!" durrhhh.. but i know all this question will appear so Much.. huhu.. ade lah jgk krisis yg timbul dari isu aq sudah begini.. but xyah lah nk get through sgt story yg tue.. huhu everybody makes mistake.. hurm but the truth is.. 'ADE AKU KESAH' kikikik.. hurm.. another thing is.. from what i was now.. ade org yg cukop lah byak mendorong.. thanks for him <3.. he is the best.. he support everything that i am doing.. he he is the Mr. Right.. huhu.. insyaAllah.. i'm praying for us for the best..