Sunday, August 1, 2010

thanks but no thanks

da first day.. you were so delighted..
then again.. you become more passioned..
continued to be more warmth..
suddenly the funny of you appeared and it was beautiful..
but i know its not truly sincere..
if there is a bit.. then more of it is a lie..
maybe its happened for my own good..
but how could it be...
but how it do we met??
for what reason??
i'm asking for a question..
but i was got nothing...and nothing to be prove.. i just let it happened in your way..
all dis while.. i always looking at half of full glass.. but you just look at as a half empty..
i disappointed a bit.. but i wont regret..
i believe what i believe..and i trust what i trust.. and all the pain i can just swallowed it easily like hell..
and dont think i cannot do dat..
and i'm doing it right now.. :) thanks