Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Life of Pi


yup.. the title of this post is terang lagi bersuluh pasal movie Life Of Pi.. today is my second time i watched this movie.. lol.. hurm knp tgk smpai dua kali? favorite movie eyda ke? hahaha....i watched this movie with my friend first.. then i told my sister to watched this movie too.. but the end of it.. i'm the one who ask her to watched this movie with me again.. LOL.. nk cerita ke trailer pasal movie nie sikit? hurm.. nothing much to say.. obviously its about religious movie (hindu verison perhaps) .. huhu err..yupp..maybe other people would have different kind of pendapat like i did.. so.. i dont know... what do u guys think of this movie?? huhu.. but what i really like about this movie is... ade  part2 , is where i feel so amazed with all the beautiful nature, sea creature and other animals that they are trying to highlight.. so.. actually xrugi tgk.. tgklah..  :) 

the first time

the second time