Friday, May 27, 2011

have you qadha your puasa?? :D

today i have started my puasa ganti.. huhu.. hopefully i can finished all my ganti puasa as soon as i can.. :D well for today my sahur meal was very simple, delicious but still healthy.. guessing?? hehehe.. of course.. i take herbalife strawberry shake to complete my sahur.. herbalife shake.. the more scientific name to this shake is actually called the Nutritional Shake Mix.(jgn nk saintifik sgt eyda.. hehe) it is a healthy and delicious meal that provides essential nutrients and quality ingredients. it have 20 vitamins, minerals and essential nutrients, also it has proteins and healthy fiber help support weight management. It also includes the antioxidants vitamins C and E,the best thing is.. 0 cholesterol and 0 trans fat.. how bout that ha?? heheh.. so.. with taking and replacing with our meal to this only meal (shake).. we have already enough nutritions in our body for a whole day.. :)
nielah dye.. hehe.. ade mcm2 flavor taw.. sedap.. nyum2..

 who says with taking this we cannot take our main meal anymore.. nasi ?? karipap?? kfc??? mcd?? donut?? ice cream?? huhu.. and macam2 lagi lah sebenarnya.. boleh je.. nk mkn bnd2 laen.. but still in the healthy way.. just dont take too much of it.. so.. that's why.. i choose herbalife.. it trained people how to eat healthy.. so.. insyaAllah.. i will go through dis day.. with keimanan yg kuat.. eheheh.. hurm have you qadha you puasa?? and have you had your shake today?? hehehehe.. baju raya.. kueh raya, and hari raya is coming soon.. but tanggungjawab tetap tanggungjawab.. hehe.. sape lom ganti puasa tue.. marilah kita sama2 ganti ok.. :D