Sunday, June 27, 2010

i dont mean to hurt you

sorry if i was wrong..
sorry if i was pushing u away..
sorry if i was sellfish...
sorry if my note hurts you..
sorry if my note give you allergy..
sorry if i was not a good friend..
sorry if i was not your friend anymore..

i know one day u think i was a jerk.. okeyy

kazen yg meninggi diri..

i was busy with my nightclub city.. (one of the game in the facebook) . suddenly, my game tersekat2.. and stuck sekejap.. hurmm rupe2nye.. ade bdk nie buzz aq kat im.. okey lahh.. layan jewlahh.. sebab kazen en.. so, starting conversation dye agak sihat lahh pada mulanyew.." he said like miss u lah kak ida.. bla bla bla... aq pon respon baek jewlahh... then he started to ask me something.. i dont know whether tujuan dye tanyer tue nk show off ker or he just being so excited of it.. i dont know lah kan.. soalan dye "kak ida.. kakak kita nnt after diploma nak fly to london.. xjeles ker??? " and i was.. huh?? durrhhh.. dis kid is really started annoyed me.. then i answered.." owhh really.. owhh biase r tuh.. then xsempat nk ckp laen..he asked me lahh.. xde plan nk smbung study kat luar negara lah apewlah.. bla bla bla.. hurm then i just answered if pointer bgus insyallahh...then guess what??? tbe2 budak yg bru puberty nie pon ckp.. minx2 r pointer xbgus...and i was like.. wowowo.. kaw dh knp budak.. then aq still ckp blik.. alahh klw fly tapi pointer xbgus pon xgne.. then he was say sorry becoz of kacaw-ing.. then aq ckp lah blik, sdar xpe.. haaa.. lpas itu budak itu trus berubah menjadi rakus dan nk berubah mnjadi naga lah konon.. he was like very kurang ajar.. aiyoo.. aq pon pew lg.. maki dye blik r..dhla.. borak ngun kaw cam tah hape2.. nmpak sgt kaw nk show off dgn kehebatan yg org laen punye bukan kaw punye.. sedar diri lah weyh.. i know how was like to be susah and senang kembali.. dan kaw??? aq rse xpnah... klw penah pon.. kaw xpnah sdar pon.. becoz i know.. =D and i will pegang kata2 kaw wahai sepupu.. i will get great grades and if god will i will fly to other country to further my study..and alhamdulillahh.. dis sem aq pon grade boleyh tahan r.. xde r lame cam kan.. xpewlahh.. aq just take all the shit and pretend dat it was u.. kiikikikik.. i still love you...kazen

p/s.. pretend like nothing happened.. lalalalalla i just wasting my time if fikir about u.. u are so lame =)