Sunday, January 8, 2012


cant wait to start my new semester.. it was a long holiday... huhu sebab tu excited lebih.. but actually i really mean it.. i dont know why.. but i feel so excited to begin my new part 5 in this new year.. biarlah mcm mne halangan pon nnt.. i just want to get busy with all my study and work that i will get from it..maybe i just want a new life.. of being more rensponsible with any kind of job that i will get from being busy doing a lot of stuff.. i just cant wait.. even, i cant wait to start my practical soon.. tapi smester 6 lah.. org kata jgn excited sgt.. kang kne dera baru thu.. hurm tapi yealah.. knp mst expect bnd negatif.. klw kita nk buat bnd baik.. InsyaAllah.. respon yg akan kita dapat mungkin juga yg positive.. so.. that's all i think.. and... maybe i will be like this

huhu but its just for while.. well.. i'm just a human.. i need some rest though.. i am kuat tdo punye person..but then i know.. afterwards, i have to be like this

hurm hehe actually, suka dgn picture nie je.. hehe comel.. GOTTA HAVE ONE OF THIS... !!! cute! hehe :D
oh ye.. 
p/s: berat hati nk tinggal my umie sorunk2 dekat rumah.. anak2 sume dh balik asrama.. hurmm eventhough i'm not really good at showing my love to her.. but actually.. i am loving you so much umie.. hurmm sape xsayang ibunda... tapi yealhh i'm just a daughter with a big stubborn son's heart.. -_-'