Monday, January 2, 2012


dh lama sgt xbertembung bertiga nieh..hehe :D last2 planning pegi try roller blading.. huhu... it was a good activity for us.. we have tried something new though. :D and it was fun..! actually its kind of like a sport.. mmg berpeluh2 jgk r.. haha yelahh nebes je.. takot tergolek2... well, klw xjatuh tu mmg xsah.. nie pon masih terasa lagi sakit kat punggung masa jatuh main bnd alah nie haa.. :P huhu for information who never been there yet.. the place is located at Subang Avenue, sebelah Subang Parade. :D nk lebih info boleh google.. hehe :D price dye lak.. RM25 for the whole day.. untuk member RM 20.. and dont forget to bring your socks.. otherwise you got to buy a pair that they have provided.. for RM3.. huhu so.. tu jelah kowt.. info2 yg saya thu.. hehe :D ok then..that's it for now from me.. may u guys have a great weekend too. and wish u all happy New Year.. :D