Tuesday, May 10, 2011

xske bnd yg geli :(

ok i'm updating what happen yesterday's evening .. after i finished my first final paper.. i have decided to go lunch  with him.. yeahh at first, everything is going so well.. while we are heading to seeking our lunch place.. i was so shocked noticing something is dead in my car..! eeeuwww... cicak weyh!! i dont know where the hell that thing came from.. dye boleh baekkk mati kat tgh2 kat carpet seat blakang nuhh!..aq dh la mmg xske and geli yg amat lah bnd2 mcm nie.. so i quickly tell him that, a cicak mati kat blakang.. and guess what.. dye bukan nk g buangkan.. dye lagi takot2 kan aq.. he bluffing me that the cicak is still alive.. and ran towards under my seat.. i was so terribly scared and almost cried out loud.. but tahan je.. :(  finally, bila dh sampi kat tmpat mkn.. before we out from the car.. i'll make sure that he buangkan that natang... tapi dye xbuanggg :( he was like put that thing in front of my face.. and refused to buang until i open my eyes to see it.. :( geli gle... uurghhh.. so last skali dye pon buang jgk,. tapi lame lah jgk dye pegi hadap bnd tue kat muka aq..hmm huhu..what can i do.. i am animals lover.. but not those kind of animal.. its really disgusting.. and you sayang.. awak dh knp?awak mmg xbaek taw..eee.. huhu.. but you sure give a lot of happy face today.. <3