Sunday, May 22, 2011

knowing herbalife with more closer.. :)

yesterday was awesome.. i and with my mom and my sister were invited to join an event that been held by Herbalife.. at Ritz Carlton HOtel.. huuu..i've never been in a five star hotel before.. huhu.. my father sent us there at first but then after the event finished we surrogate my mom's friends car, Mr father is a bit busy in that evening.. kebetulan pulak.. mr jeff nie is our neighbour.. huhu.. he also insist to let us tumpang dye.. heheh.. not just him, but her wife also is a nice and kind people...yeahh.. they are kind of type like a warm-hearted people.. hehe.. while we just arrived.. my sister really need to go the washroom.. then we asked one of the receptionist there.. then he brought us too the nearest washroom.. while we are heading to the washroom.. we just cant believe our eyes..that we saw the CEO of CIMB.. Dato Sri Nazir Razak.. huhuhu.. he's totally look more adorable other than inside the television..haha :)

continue the story.. this event they shows how their product and company marketing growing success..and what can i say.. they are amazing.. they are the no 1 direct selling businees in Malaysia.. and what  impressed me more when they let some of their testimonial to story about how herbalife change their life..

this link would let you to go through all about the herbalife.. :D

we are not only listening to their stories and histories.. but we were also get the best service ever.. we've beem serve with delicious food but still healthy.. they never let us waiting the food to arrive in front of you a minute late.. they'll make sure that everything is in to placed.. Ritz Carlton services were not disappointing.. 
love the seaweed.. this is my favorite dish..
some kind of vegetable soup.. 
this is lovely delicious..<3 
after enjoying our food.. ape lgi amik2 gambar lah pulak.. hehe
dis woman.. is very pretty.. mcm wonder girl pon ade jgk.. hehe.. she used to be fat.. and she has lost 25 kg. and now?? there she is.. very the cntik taw.. hehe :)

 with Dato Ronie Tan the vice president and managing director of Malaysia; John Purdy, senior vice president, Asia Pacific; and Des Walsh, senior vice president worldwide distributor sales. Probert also serves as president and chief operating officer of Herbalife Ltd. 
what a day.. so u guys.. have you had your shake today??
saya sudah.. anda bagaimana?? hehe :)

final exam berakhir dgn kemalangan..

well.. my final exam is finally overrr......! just end! hip hip hurrayy.. woot woot! haha.. (semua bunyi2 cheer nk tulis klw boleh..) huhu.. berakhir dgn girangnye.. the last paper is human resource management .. dh2.. xnk dh cerite pasal exam.. huhu.. hm after that i was so happy to begin my holiday.. hurm like usual.. i drove to bangi and back to rawang.. hurm but yesterday.. it is one of the experienced that i'm not expecting it suppose to happen in that day.. and not wanted to be happen.. and guess what? it happens with victory.. -_-  i had been in an accident yesterday.. ;( it was not overwhelming feeling at all... i was in shocked... my hands and knees were shaking like shivering in cold.. my eyes started to water.. ouhh.. i hate that.. hurm yeah it was my fault.. i was bump to that person's car.. but her car.. do not have the serious car was like crazy.. my radiator is fully broken.. hurm sumpah sadis.. hurm its to comlicated to story.. but i'm so grateful.. i was not getting any summon..and for short.. not only my father was there with me.. another he also was there.. from the police station.. to the workshop.. huhu.. and all the way back home.. last2.. my father suruh ajk dye mkn together.. huhu.. tapi dye malu2 pulak.. alahai.. hehehe sayang thank you <3 :') saya terharu