Saturday, May 7, 2011

i'm bored of being bored..

berkat tolong ibu buat roti jala.. :)

just now i was helping my mom with making the roti jala.. ulalala.. huhu hurm yeahh its almost subuh right? but what to do.. this is her current job now.. other than being a housewife she also received peoples order.. Alhamdulillah.. i think for this moment.. she's currently making a lot of profit from making people's tummy happy.. yeahhh she loves to cook.. and she really good at it.. almost all of the people that has taste her food will said anything that is positive.. like.. "sedapnye kak maz".. "kak maz buat ker? mcm mne kak maz buat.. sedap sungguh".. "hurm next time order.. sye order ngun kak maz lagi yer" haaa.. lebih kurg lah mcm nie.. heheehe.. seeing people happy, hearing people satisfied.. is most important to her right now.. it is because she really take care of her quality of food.. from the hygienes, the taste of the food.. she cares everything lah.. huhu she will make sure and always worried about them.. i love you umie.. Selamat Hari Ibu.. :) hm while i was busy helping her to do with the lipat2 the roti jala thing.. huhu.. i early still get myself online at my fb.. hehehe.. but then coincidently, my classmate was on chat with me.. and she has giving me some sort of good news.. huhu.. one of it, is.. she told me that i have got the highest carry mark.. for subject selling.. huhu thank god.. syukur Alhamdulillah.. perhaps berkat doa ibubapa and usaha..49/50. ..huhu. and other good news too.. huhu.. but i'm so glad that hearing from her also.. that our lecturer's said that we could get through this final with flying colors if we put more effort than previous.. hurm.. moga2.. begitulahh.. Amiinn.. hurm i'm so happy... sempena Hari ibu nie.. berkat tolong ibu itu sgt lah nmpk.. huhu.. insyaAllah.. ok eyda.. jgn bersenang lenang je okayy.. study lahh lg bersungguh2.. nie semua semangat untuk awak.. hehee and xlupa jge.. untuk rakan seperjuangan.. wish us all the good luck.. we can do this :)

bila saya nk menabung dgn bersungguh2 nie?

ouh well.. well.. i love money.. 

final dh sgt2 lah dekat.. so i was khusyuk studying.. tgh2 hafal note.. a text from him said that he was counting his duet syiling.. awwhh.. :) cakap pasal menabung.. aq nie bila lagi nk menabung dgn bersungguh2..? :( hurm.. duet dlm bank sgt lah xbnyak.. asik bnyk drawing dr mendeposit kan duet je.. huhu.. tbe2 je.. terfikirkan pasal kata menabung tue amalan mulia.. membazir tue amalan syaiton.. astaghfirullahalazim.. eyda.. baek kaw menabung.. hurm yes. i did! ade je.. tapi baru je satu balang tabung... hurm klw boleh nk bnyak2 lg.. hurm so bila lg nk tambah tabung? hurm ok lahh starting from now.. eyda you must strict! simpan duet plz.. tamau belanja2 sgt.. belanja ape yg perlu okey.. igt pesan org2 yg tersayang.. simpan duet! hukhuk