Sunday, May 8, 2011

for tomorrow.. :)

buku pon dh lunyai je.. hadey..
my cat also dh bosan tggu.. heheh but he is da best cat ever.. he'll wait until i'm done..  :D

ok tomorrow is my first final paper.. what paper? organizational behavior.. huhu.. is it hard or is it too easy? can't tell.. only tomorrow we know how hard or easy it is.. huhu.. i hope its not too hard.. and i hope i can do well for tomorrow.. yeahh.. that's right..hmm.. i just update my facebook status..
hehe.. what can i say.. i'm not a dean list student or some kind of freaking nerdy student that is very talented in studies.. but i will try my best to perform for tomorrow.. not perform like a ROCKSTARs..
yeahh you know what i mean i thought it would be nice to pretending that you are doing well scoring that paper and kill it! yeahh.. no matter how sucks,how lame how worst are you in answering that paper.. just smile! and walk back home with happy thoughts.. hehehe.. why i'm saying like this.. because.. nothing can change your fate or other words is your destiny.. other than yourself.. :) if you really put so much effort on something.. working on it really hard.. then you will receive the payback.. i mean good payback right? but if you are not put any seriously effort towards something that you do.. then, you might will receive less than anything.. yeahh.. i know, sometime there are some type of brain that if you are not study hard pon, boleh score dgn cemerlang.. this type of people is so fortunately in good luck condition.. hehe.. yeahh.. but less fortunate like me.. i have to study hard.. i dont have that type of superbrain.. i biase2 je.. huhu.. but i know.. semua kejadian dijadikan olehNya semua dh elok2 belaka.. and mst ade hikmah disebaliknya.. hehe.. so.. the morale of the story is.. sebanyak mne usaha kita.. sebayak tue lah hasil yg kita dapat..and if we are fail today.. its not we are failing 4 forever.. :)

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