Saturday, May 14, 2011

lovely creature :)

tgk ape tue.. sudah2 la eyda..huhu
lately, i currently watching videos in youtube..and my favorite video genre  is.. KITTENS!, CATS! HEHEHE :D.. i loveeee cats very much.. since i was little kid..  i'm passionated with them.. heheh.. i will take any stray cats dat i found and bring back home together with me.. :D hehe.. even if my parents would say no.. but i will begging to them so i can have that cats to stay with us.. yeahh.. its hard to see that little cute tiny furry adorable face.. i wouldn't let them starving all alone in the dark outside there.. with the anjing kurap yg garang2..what if.. they do not find any food.. they will go through all night with empty tummy.. hurmm :'( i just dont want let them to be outside there alone.. they might catch a cold.. since that.. my parents know very much about me.. that i'm so in love with this creature.. :) well.. the time was running so fast.. and i'm a grown up now.. not really an adult.. but a teenager.. as long as i can think as a grown up.. huhu.. and i do not think about those unlogical issues about cats that i just made by myself.. i know they are an independent animal.. they can survive with no food in one or two days.. and they know how to seeking their own breakfast,lunch, and dinner.. and penah dgr kan.. yg kucing ade brape nyawa tah.. 3? 9? huhu xthu lah.. tapi more than one :) and lastly, i know they never kesejukan bila malam.. dye have fur.. hehe.. hurm but i know.. this animal is one of the incredible animal..(semua makhluk ciptaan Tuhan ade keistimewaan) but cats is more than that i know.. :) they have everything.. feelings.. intelligence.. funny.. brave.. fierce... lovely.. cute.. naughty.. playful.. and macam2 lah.. huhu.. bnyak lah nk describe kucing nie.. huhu yeahh but for sure.. dont messing around with their poops.. its stink.. also their pees..hehe.. klw diorg terlepas kat mne2 dlam rumah.. huhu kes berat jgk tuh.. bau dye pon susah nk hilang taw.. huhu.. yeahh its crazy.. huhu but what to do.. they are also like us.. having digestion.. klw dh xtahan nk wat mcm mne.. huhu.. kita yg bela dye.. kne lah bersihkan.. jgn marah2 dye pulak.. cubit tinge dye sikit boleh.. hehe.. hurm here is some of the videos that i currently adored so much.. hehe 

this cat steel things from you.. how clever..

this tiny scotish fold is absolutely adorable :)

this one.. really knows how to play with you :)

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