Saturday, December 8, 2012


Assalamualaikum didahulukan.. :)

dah lamaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa sgt xupdate... mmg.. mmg.. mmg xde masa sgt nk update blog nie.. huhu tapi xdela smpai nk tutup blog nie.. huhu sebab.. i know.. someday i will be back.. huhu yelahh mestinye bukak balik.. and ade bnd nk express :) InsyaAllah.. xde ape sgt pon nk update.. sbb skg ni bosan2 je.. sbb.. ptg tadi all of sudden i feel inspired.. and i came up with a sketch.. its been a while i dont hold a pencil and do stuff like this anymore.. so.. what do u guys up to on this weekend..??? huhu bosan2 jgk ke mcm kita? hehe :D its okay.. nothing much to say.. nk story2 bnd lpas pon.. rasa mcm... nnt2 lah.. hehe.. so.. i just wanna show you my latest sketches.. i just did it this evening.. so.. i see u guys later then.. thanks for anyone who did visit my not sebrapa blog ni.. heheehe.. nothing special about this blog.. it just a couple things that i just wanna share with people who willing to visit mine.. :) so thank u so much again.. okayy.. :D so this is my sketch.. ala2 hijabster gituu.. kuikui :D k byeee

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