Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Ekspo Wedding - Issyaz Wedding Enterprise



kerja part time haritu.. from Issyaz Wedding Enterprse.. lain yg disuruh..huhu but then.. i end up doing this on that day.. 

i was the only girl who work with them.. xde pilihan lain.. pasrah je lah mak.. huhu well.. it was not bad.. it was fun.. first time muka kne make up.. first time pkai bju pengantin.. first time pkai bulu mata palsu.. kebnyakkannye first time.. first time kne wat demo make up depan org ramai.. nervous dye xpyh ckp la.. nama pon sume first time.. malu sume ade.. 
but, fortunately, i'm working with my friend.. so its not a bad idea to gain an experienced like this.. sebab ade kawan teman.. hehe kurg takot sikit..huhu 

Now,masa untuk promote...haha
mst lah kne promote.. huhu Issyaz wedding enterprise is actually a family business of a friend of mine.. fikry name dye.. so this exhibition was held at tesco bukit sentosa rawang a week last before new year.. so.. promotion gila2 kitorg bg okayy... so i was told if i was interested in doing part time.. so i say yes.. of course lahh minat.. lagi bidang2 jahit bju design2 bju sume nie.. it was my dreammmm... yg xtercapai2 lagi ni... so why not try kan.. 
so now they are doing all their work from home.. xde butik lagi.. but they already have 7 years experienced in this wedding planner stuff..
from pelamin,bju,catering,photography,makeup etc. they have everything InsyaAllah.. huhu 
but around the pertengahan bulan Jan mcm tu.. they will open their own butik soon around this area.. Rawang..
u can also search their facebook at.. Issyaz Wedding Enterprise..  huhu so.. for more detail.. u have to get connected with their organizer and so on.. so.. that's it for now.. i wish all of you happy new year.. and may have a great weekend.. :)

make up sanding.. sape2 yg ske make up yg ala2 lipstic merah gitu.. boleh la try mcm ni.. huhu

this is the last day picture before the exhibition end.. sebelah aq yg acah2 groom aq tu.. tu lah fikry.. while the two person who are standing beside us.. owner of the Issyaz wedding merangkap abang2 si fikry.. huhu
jgn confused.. i'm not married yet.. it just a part of my work.. :) hehe so selamat pengantin baru to those who  just get married..congratulations also to those who has get engaged.. and may Allah bless you all with a happy marriaged.. InsyaAllah.. Amin.. k byeee...hehe :)

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